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Tarot Dario Fo – Dominique Gobbo (Set) (EN, IT) (Dal) (02/16)

Baraja de tarot compuesta de 78 cartas, 22 arcanos mayores y 56 arcanos menores.

Tiene instrucciones en italiano e ingles. Medidas de 15 x 8,5 cms


Tarocchi divinatori ideati e dipinti da Dario Fo.

Il mazzo è composto da 78 carte, ovvero 22 Arcani Maggiori e 56 Arcani Minori e comprende istruzioni in italiano e inglese.


This Tarot, consisting 78 subjects painted by his son Jacopo on the artist’s project as well as Nobel Prize Dario Fo, born from the desire of the author to focus on the theme of “Holy Year”.
The same Fo describes their concept: “The idea was to recreate a few themes and subjects from our middle ages and the Renaissance, including the reform and Counter-reform. We were interested in a Holy year environment, from the point of view of the duchies of Mantua, Parma, Ferrara, Florence and Venice. So we shamelessly and mercilessly plundered the images of dozens of great masters of the time by Paolo Uccello to Carracci, from Raphael to Lorenzo da beliefs and so on. “

THE scenes inspired by Renaissance art, are framed on paper as on the walls of a gallery. The beautiful matte print guarantees a silky to the touch and immediately after discarded one understands that he has in his hand a masterpiece.

Bouquet: 78 cards (22 major arcana + 56 minor arcana) duplex cardboard
Size: Cm (15 x < 8.5)
Instructions in Italian and English


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