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Tarot coleccion The Baroque Bohemian Cat´s – Alex Ukolov and Karen Mahony (Edicion Oro) (Set – Block Cubierta dura ilustrada + Tarot) (EN) (Autografiado) (Numerado y Limitado 500) 06/17(FT)

Each card in this fully-illustrated 78-card deck is a fantastically realistic image of a fairytale feline world where Baroque cats link and sashay through gardens, palaces, inns and theatres. All sorts of incidents take place, and each card seems to carry a whole story within it.
The lively and engaging companion book discusses the backgrounds and meanings of each image, with simple instructions on how to read the deck – reading with “reversals” is included, and as well as popular spreads, a challenging new spread “The Cat’s Tale” is described. There is also a charming and enlightening section on the cats’ interpretations of the cards.

This may be the most “readable” cat tarot ever. It is certainly one of the most lavishly and lovingly illustrated. A must for anyone who loves costumes, castles or cats – not to mention tarot!

Note: Deck is also available separately, packaged with informative booklet.




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